Beauty, Skin and complete Wellness – Clare’s hints and tips

As a professional Beautician and Make-up Artist, I’m often asked ‘what do I use on my own skin?’ …… We all have different skin types and I think the most important step you need to make is to understand YOUR own skin type first.  For me, I’m between a normal to combination skin type, so I have to be careful what I use on my skin, as I could easily have a break out.  The one skin care routine I use (and have since I was pregnant with my Son, who is now 16yrs old) in Liz Earle skin care.

I came across her range, whilst my swollen ankles were propped up on a foot stool, my face had a small explosion of spots breaking out all across my T Zone and I felt that I needed to be taken out into the back garden and shot!  Luckily, for me Liz Earle was on QVC and I sat and listened to her explaining all the botanical’s used in the products, baring in mind I was at the time using harsh spot free treatments from the high street, the thought of using ‘all natural’ products, especially in my current state, I picked up the phone and ordered my starter kit!  16yrs on, I’m still using Liz Earle products, I Cleanse and Polish twice a day, Tone and Moisutrise, also treating my skin to the Superskin Concentrate Oils….and no, before you shout ‘is this girl on commission!’, no I’m not.  I just know that the products work and for all my clients, whether Bride or not, Liz Earle is always my first point of product recommendation.

Oh and not forgetting, every time you place an order online you receive a little free sample/product or once you are set up with an online account, if you recommend to a friend and she places an order (popping in your email address details) you receive a free gift!  Top marks for Customer Service and beautiful products.

Whilst excellent products help, you still need to maintain a healthy diet, good water intake, exercise and plenty of laughing 🙂

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