What to look for when booking a Bridal Make-up Artist?

Over the last two weeks I have been approached with at least ten Brides, whom have had a Trial with another Make-up Artist and haven’t gone ahead with booking their services for her Wedding Day.

Why? sometimes it just down to ‘not clicking’ or ‘not liking the finished look’……..

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk you through, what to look for in a professional MUA and also what to expect from a Make-up Trial.

Firstly, you are looking for a MUA who will create your dream Wedding look…this is a look, that in some cases, you have been dreaming about since you was a little girl (so no, pressure then! lol).

Don’t rush into booking a Make-up Artist, without doing a little homework:

  • Have they got a current website?
  • A portfolio of work, showing different styles (you don’t want a one trick pony!)
  • Do they have a Facebook business page?
  • Yes – how many ‘likes’ do they have, do they have reviews on the page?
  • Are they posting pictures all the time, can you see that they are busy?
  • Are they approachable?
  • Have they had their work published in a magazine or been featured?
  • How long has the Facebook page been running since?
  • Have you asked to speak to one of the Brides who has left a review? (this is always a great idea, what Bride isn’t going to want to talk about her Wedding Experience with one of her Suppliers?)
  • Check the MUA’s prices, with your budget, if the MUA is not in your budget, then re-select or indeed try to increase your budget – you pay for what you get….

Hmmmm you pay for what you get!  what does that mean….

  • You are paying for the artist’s skills, experience and expertise
  • Insurance
  • Hourly rate
  • High end cosmetics
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
  • Mileage (if necessary)

Making the most of your Bridal Trial

  • Book your Trial as soon as possible
  • Start to research different ‘looks’, create a mood board if you can, which will allow you to show the artist your thoughts and overall styles and themes that you like
  • Listen to your MUA, ideally, they will have lots of experience and be able to explain to you or even demonstrate whether a certain ‘look’ will compliment your face shape
  • Wear a white or cream top, this really helps with trying to visualise what your overall look will look like on your Wedding Day (or the chosen colour you will be wearing)
  • Take lots of pictures, from different angles, ensure that you are happy with your make-over…and if you aren’t, tell the MUA, I know myself, I will always say to my Brides, this is the whole point of a Trial – you need to be happy and confident with your look
  • Discuss how your Wedding prep will run: who is having their make-up for first, what to expect during your Wedding prep, how can you prepare for the morning/afternoon…….

My next blog will cover what to expect for your Wedding Day 🙂





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